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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The E-Ink watch

This e-Ink watch shows time in either digital/analog combined or digital-only mode. While it works in the combined mode, an analog dial is shown at the top which represents the hour, whereas the minute is shown at the bottom. While it’s in digital mode, it’ll show numerical hour at the top and the minutes beneath.

Using the same electronic paper technology employed for modern eBooks, this is the watch creates the illusion of the time having been inked onto a piece of parchment. The electrophoretic display consists of millions of microcapsules (only the diameter of a human hair) containing particles suspended in a liquid medium.

When the microcapsules are positively and negatively charged, they either rise to the surface or fall to the bottom within liquid medium, making the display appear white or black at any given point for an easy-to-read, high-constrast display.

The time can be displayed with the numerical hour at the top of the display and the minutes beneath or as an analog dial on top with the minutes beneath (12-hour display only)–the display can also be reversed (white on black background). It is water-resistant down to 165′. The curved stainless steel case secures to a stainless steel band that accommodates wrists 9″ in circumference.

Buy online, Hammacher, $110

All pics & info via tech chee

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