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Friday, April 30, 2010

Panerai Radiomir Regatta 2010 Limited Edition Watch

A limited edition of the Panerai Radiomir Regatta will be released in association with the Panerai Classic Yachts Challenge – an international circuit of regattas reserved for vintage and classic sailing boats. The watch – The Radiomir Regatta 1/8th Second Titanio is a split-seconds chronograph with a 1/8th second foudroyante function and an express scale in knots for the calculation of the average speed of the vessel.

Winners of the challenge will be also be awarded with these watches as part of the prize winnings. Yachting enthusiasts or not, these watches are definitely worth owning, especially since only 500 will be made.

Source: Perpetuelle

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TRIWA Carbon Chrono

The Carbon Chrono features a case made from PC plastic and the strap from PC rubber. The links contrasting are in matte and shiny black. The chronograph details are a reflective silver which match the numbering around the bezel, while the TRIWA logo proudly adorns the face at 12 o’clock.

The second hand adds some contrast in yellow and the movement inside is all quality with a Seiko VD52 mechanism. For a brand so strongly associated with colour the darker palette really allows the sleek silhouette, simple detailing and stylish constitution to come to the fore.

Available now via

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sensory Wristwatch

Developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute the device monitors bio-indicators early on in an effort to prevent illness.

The watch will warn the wearer of issues such dehydration, a dangerously high body temperature, or high blood sugar levels in the case of a diabetic person. The lab-on-a-chip device will be customized depending on the wearer's needs.

At present this mechanism is still in the laboratory stage.

Via Popular Science

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Concept : MEN2014 watch

Conceptualized by China’s Tao Ma, the MEN2014 watch would replace the hour, minute and second hands with screw heads which have a small red mark at the end to indicate the current position on the dial.

All pics & info via technabob

Romain Jerome - The Eyjafjallajökull-DNA watch

The Eyjafjallajökull-DNA watch has rocks and ash from the volcano that’s currently throwing fits in Iceland.Romain Jerome will make no more than one of this special watch, and it will come with a certificate of authenticity confirming that it contains Eyjafjallajökull’s vomit.

via Bornrich

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Concept : tokyoflash supersonic

The Supersonic has bold modern looks and a sleek smoked black hexagonal face.As with most Tokyoflash watches, half the fun is trying to figure out what the time is when you look at it. There are green and blue lines that represent the time, making no sense at all when you first glance at it. Perhaps this diagram will help clarify what’s going on:

Since this is a concept design, you’ve got vote for it here in order to get it made.

All pics & info via technabob

The Rolex Deep Sea Special

35,840 feet deep, or about 11,000 meters — is how deep the Rolex Deep Sea Special has been.  That’s the equivalent of almost 7 miles below the surface. In fact it was to the bottom of the deepest part of Ocean — the southern end of the Mariana Trench known simply as “Challenger Deep” — that the watch and two brave souls went, 50 years ago.  It was January 23, 1960, to be precise, and the two brave souls were U.S. Navy LT Don Walsh and Swiss engineer Jacques Piccard.  They piloted TRIESTE, a crude vessel known as a bathyscaph, to the “Challenger Deep” and back.  And they took a very special Rolex with them.  The feat of a human, or a watch, descending to such depths has never been repeated.
 As one of the pre-eminent Rolex dealers on the East Coast (among the many other luxury brands they carry — A. Lange, Hublot, Breguet, et al.), Lijenquist & Beckstead was selected to play host to a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the TRIESTE’s descent aka the “Deepest Dive”.

Specifically, they put on a fine event hosting U.S. Navy LT Don Walsh (co-captain of the TRIESTE) and senior representatives of Rolex USA.

Read more about this here : perpetuelle

All pics & info via perpetuelleblog

Hublot FMF Big Bang

The Hublot Big Bang for the Mexican Football Federation (“FMF”) has just been given a nice refresh by the new, Official Watchmaker of FIFA.  The original edition (pictured below) was launched in 2007 when Hublot first announced its partnership with the Federation.

It was “on the pitch” at Estadio Azteca (the fifth largest football stadium in the world seats 105,000), Hublot CEO Jean-Claude Biver presented the very first models of the limited edition series of 250 to the heads of the Mexican Football Federation and to Javier Aguirre, the trainer who will lead the national team in the forthcoming 2010 World Cup in South Africa.

44.5mm ceramic case and bezel, limited edition 250 units

All pics & info via  perpetuelleblog

Invicta Men’s Corduba Chronograph

Invicta is a Florida-based watch company founded by the Swiss in 1837. The Men’s Corduba Chronograph is made of gunmetal steel and black rubber and boasts a masculine and bold design. It has luminous hands, Arabic numerals, date window at 3 o’clock, 200 meter water resistance and two sub dials creating a cool figure-8 design.


All pics & info via watchaholic

Tissot PRS 516

The Tissot PRS 516 was originally released in the 1960s, and now it’s back again. The watch has a 45mm wide case rendered in 316L stainless steel and has an ETA Valjoux 7750 automatic chronograph movement. Other features include hour, minute and seconds funtions, water resistance up to 100 meters, a choice between a black or silver dial as well as a choice between a leather strap or 316L stainless steel bracelet.


All pics & info via watchaholic

Gucci Classic Chronograph Watch

Featuring the brand’s trademark colors, the watch has an overall timeless look for the Gucci consumer or watch fan alike. Features included quartz ETA G10.211 H1 movement, a black or military green bracelet, and black PVD buckle amongst many other details.

All pics & info via broccolicity

Friday, April 23, 2010

Vestal Rosewood Watch

This rosewood watch from Vestal is a modern watch designed for those who love music.

The designers say, “This watch concept was born after staring at a fret board for 3 hours.” 

All  pics & info via designmilk

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Naoto Fukasawa Designed Watch for Plus Minus Zero

The Naoto Fukasa watch for Plus Minus Zero is a simple watch that follows the store’s concept of taking traditional items and making it desirable. While most watch designers these days, pride themselves on how complicated the construction of their pieces, Plus Minus Zero on the other understands the value of what has been there before, and how it was originally made.

This watch is a great item for those seeking something simple, functional, and classic. 

Source: Daily Icon

All pics & info via swipelife

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date Watch in Green

In this OPENERS profile of the Rolex Oyster Submariner Date, we see a new face in green. The look of the green face gets some revamp since its introduction this decade. “Green Gold” is a feature of this model as well. “As the name suggests, the result of a combination of a light yellow gold materials.”

All pics & info via selectism

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Neon Genesis Evangelion x Casio G-Shock – Limited Edition

Neon Genesis Evangelion x Casio G-Shock GA-110PS-7AJR – Rei Ayanami Edition
- Water Resistant – Up To 20 Atmospheric Bars (200-Meter)
- 1/100 seconds Stopwatch Function
- Full Automatic Calendar
- World Time – Up To 48 Cities
- Multiple Alarm Settings
- Special Engraved Back Panel
- Exclusive G-Shock Man In Matching Colorways

Neon Genesis Evangelion x Casio G-Shock GA-110EV-6AJR – Evangelion Unit 01 Edition
- Water Resistant – Up To 20 Atmospheric Bars (200-Meter)
- 1/100 seconds Stopwatch Function
- Full Automatic Calendar
- World Time – Up To 48 Cities
- Multiple Alarm Settings
- Special Engraved Back Panel
- Exclusive G-Shock Man In Matching Colorways

In conjunction to the release of special edition DVD & Blu-Ray box set of this game changing anime series, Casio G-Shock designed 2 limited edition GA-110 watches. One featured the “plug suit” colorways of Rei Ayanami, the fragile female lead with an enigmatic personality.

The other is based on the Evangelion Unit 01, a purple mecha unit piloted by the naïve Shinji Ikari. In addition to the special colorways, both featured all the technical convenience found on a G-Shock timepiece. Scheduled to launch during August of this year, the Neon Genesis Evangelion x Casio G-Shock Limited Edition are available for pre-release order on Yahoo! Japan’s Evangelion microsite.

All pics & info via freshness mag

Nixon – The 51-30 Black/Purple

Nixon has released a brand new colorway of The 51-30 in black/purple. The big face watch is all blacked out in a deep gun metal shade except for the contrasting purple details on the dial and hands. What sets this watch apart from others is that this is an actual divers watch and is water resistant to 30 bars or 300 meters (hence the name, The 51-30).

As for what 51 means, the number stands for the case size, which is 50mm. The 51-30 has a rugged build would be fit in just fine both at home out at sea, or at parties for for picking up reeling in the ladies. Last but not least, and the quartz movement keeps the watch ticking consistently.

All pics & info via freshness mag

Richard Mille RM027

Richard Mille created this watch for pro tennis player Rafael Nadal. This complex tourbillon mechanical watch weighs just 20 grams including the strap, its complex movement weights just 3.83 grams.

This was accomplished by using carbon fiber for the case and titanium and aluminum lithium for the rest. This watch will be worn on the court which will prove how durable it is since most tourbillon watches are usually on the fragile side.

Only 50 will be made with a retail price of $525,000.

Via Luxist

All pics & info via billionaire boys club

Hublot F1 King Power

The F1 King Power is one of the first watches to result out of the company's new relationship as the official watch provider for Formula 1. The watch's components are inspired by various elements of an F1 car from the brake assembly inspired bezel to the strap which uses a Nomex outer layer, a fire-resistant material used in high performance race suits.

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All pics & info via acquire mag

Devon Works Tread 1

Microstep electric motors, Optical Recognition Systems, Bullet-proof hardware, Wireless charging. Sounds like a checklist from a gadget you would see in Mission Impossible right? Those are all features found in an incredible new watch from high-end watch startup, Devon Works. The Tread 1 ($15,000) is driven by a highly sophisticated system of microstep motors that power the watch's pulley system to aid the movement of four belts which display the time in unique (and spectacular) fashion.  

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All pics & info via acquire mag

Ventura v-tec Kappa

Designed by the late Hannes Wettstein, the v-tec Kappa was one of the last designs from forward thinking watch brand, Ventura, before the company went into bankruptcy in late 2008. Only a few examples of the v-tec Kappa ever reached consumers, but this year it all changes with the reboot of the brand via Ventura founder, Pierre Nobs, who has successfully got the brand back on its feet.

The new v-tec Kappa will be one of the first watches to help relaunch the company this summer and will be available in a metal "Titanox" style with a matching metal bracelet or rubber strap. Both watches feature VEN_04 Swiss movements and Ventura's unique easyscroll system.
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All pics & info via acquire mag

Friday, April 16, 2010

IN4MATION x Casio – G-Shock & Baby-G Set

IN4MATION is going shock-resistant again this summer for all the style conscious action buffs who are planning to skate, surf and doing their own thing out in the sun. After an extremely successful previous collaboration with Casio’s G-Shock, the Hawaiian-born retailer is back and this time, the IN4MATION crew has something for the girls as well. The collaborative watch pack includes a G-Shock GLX6900 and a Baby-G. With a new approach to design, IN4MATION aims to create subtler styling for its products so they are fit for everyday use and easy matching.

The G-Shock GLX6900 stays tough in a muted battleship grey with pops of color from the red accents in the “G” logo and watch face. Meanwhile, the Baby-G for girls is tough in function and use but has the right balance of femininity in a white/silver/pink colorway. The watches are set to drop this June, featuring your trusted G-Shock and Baby G functions such as shock and water resistance, backlight, timer, stopwatch…and for the G-Shock, the GLX6900 comes with a tide/moon graph that will be perfectly handy for the wave riders.


Release Date: June 2010

All pics & info via freshness mag