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Monday, August 31, 2009

Nixon - Fall/Winter 2009 - Watches

Nixon have been making noise with their stylish and unique watches from its inception and the up coming Fall Winter 2009 range is no exception with some old favourites and new designs thrown in for a diverse collection. There is a good balance of pop watches and classic watches to meet different needs. Amongst the bright colored pop watches are Time Teller with plastic casing and bands, Trigital, The Newton and The Lodown series while for the more mature styles in metal are The Kensington, The Cannon, The Private, The Mellor, The Time Teller in silver casing and bands and The Quatro.

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Casio G-Shock x LRG - 10th Anniversary Frogman

The Lifted Research Group (LRG) celebrates ten years of making it and establishing itself as a major player of the industry with none other than Casio’s G-Shock. The 10th Anniversary is marked with a collaborative Frogman, a specialized technical diver’s watch from the Japanese digital maker.
With the iconic asymmetrical look of the Frogman, the watch is finished off in a clean white base with orange accents and features specific functions such as a Dive Log. The LRG G-Shock Frogman is limited to 1,000 worldwide, and for those who can shell out $600, they are available online via Primitive.

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Casio G-Shock X LRG - DW-6900 2009 Edition

Casio G-Shock had previously collaborated with Lifted Research Group (LRG) to create matt Obama-blue DW-6900 with red accents earlier on in May (and two more collab models prior to this). Now, the team is back with a new colorway - a bright yellow DW-6900 with green and white accents (signature of LRG) and “RESEARCH” in white printed over the bottom strap.
We predict this will become a fast sold-out item just like the previous collaborations, so tune in for more release information and update. As for those interested in something other than the classic DW-6900, the two brands also recently released a 10th Anniversary collaboration Frogman.

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Sport watch Concept by - Max Germano

It fits across the back-of-the-palm and its selling points are easy access to the dial, and a clear view to the heart-rate, stats etc. The flip-side is that it could compromise the grip of the racket or whatever it is that you are holding as the straps may interfere. However, since the watchband is made from super-soft elastomer, it just may-be comfy.

Designer: Max Germano

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Friday, August 28, 2009

Porsche Design Flat Six Watch

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Botta Design UNO Automatic Watch

Simplicity in its purest form, the Uno Automatic features only a single hand on top of a clean black or white face. Only the hour hand is present marking exactly how far it is between one hour and the next, eliminating the need for clutter and excess information.
While simple in terms of design the watches takes seven days to assemble precisely by hand to assure high quality movement. The stainless steel dial features an angled scale ring which ensures optimal readability.

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Check It Out

For Jogging Underwater

The Zot-V comes in deepest Black, three shades to the wind of Silver, or hipstertastic Gold!* It tells time in the weirdest way, the coolest way, and it’s got hella functions.

Alarm! Date! Time! and Chronograph! which is such a fancy word for “stopwatch” that my unsophisticated self had to look it up.

The 12 dots represent hours (months in date mode) and the row below counts minutes. Housed in stainless steel with an LCD display, the watch has an EL backlight, leather straps and a stainless steel buckle. It is 35 x 35 x 10mm with 28mm wide band.

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suunto Elementum Collection

Finland-based Elementum series originally released earlier this year in the US but will enjoy a full release in fall of 2009 in select countries. The collection features three different model, the Elementum Aqua, Elementum Terra and Elementum Ventus. Each style has a specific purpose for diving, mountaineering and sailing (translating directly to water, earth and wind).

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Marvin Watch M108 Origin Watches

Here’s a set of to the point wristwatches from Marvin, The M108 Origin series comes in two flavors in either stainless steel or PVD finish. They’re priced well at 790$ (stainless) and 930$US (PVD). The dial comes in black with either white, orange, blue or black Luminova Arabic numerals. 44mm casing and rubber banding. #fans. (timezone)

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WorldWide Seiko Watch Contest

SEIKO has launched an online video contest, “I love my SEIKO,” where SEIKO owners around the world are invited to share their stories about what their Seiko watch means to them. The best video stories will be compiled into a montage that will be aired on SEIKO’s YouTube channel, and judges from SEIKO will award the best submission with an Ananta Automatic Chronograph watch worth $3,200 .

For details visit. Seiko’s youtube page.

Video submissions should be 15 – 45 seconds long.
Describe in your video about experiences you’ve had with your Seiko watch: why you love the style, how you use the technology or if your Seiko is a cherished family heirloom.

Videos should be submitted via email to by August 30, 2009

Check out the Seiko Your Tube channel for details.

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Watches Still Life Photography

American photographer Mitchell Feinberg
A pretty amazing portfolio, including luxury clients campaigns such as Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent or Gucci and editorials for Numero, Vogue or NY Times.
Be sure to check his full portfolio at

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