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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Corvus Bradley

The Bradley watch from newcomer Corvus is a tool watch, straight up. Adhering to 1950’s military dive watch specs, Corvus’ founding brothers Cam and Tom worked diligently to create a watch worthy of the man they named it after General Omar Bradley. We think they more than succeeded.
Drawing from a rare Bulova dive watch prototype and the Tornek-Rayville TR 900, the Bradley is meant to be a military grade watch. With the originals being issued to Force Recon Marines and Navy Seals during Vietnam, that was a tall order. Cam and Tom worked with reknowed case manufacterer Fricker to bring their design to life (to see more of that process check out their blog.) The case they developed is not some off the shelf model that’s been retasked, it’s custom specifically to the Bradley and machined in Germany by Fricker. Going a step further, the Corvus guys wanted to make the case as durable as possible as settled on a process known as Klosterizing, which brings the 316L SS to a hardness of 1076 HV.

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