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Sunday, May 16, 2010

U-Boat U-42 53mm Submersible Watch

Much of U-Boat inspirations are derived from the world of innovative engineering ranging from racing cars and fighter planes. Last year, U-Boat had created their U-1942 watch based on a concept originally created by U-Boat founder Italo Fontana’s grandfather who had pitched the watch idea to the Italian military in 1942. The U-1942 case measured in at a massive 65mm.

However this year, U-Boat offer a toned down version of the U-1942 with the unveiling of the U-42. A 53mm casing places the U-42 in the same range as conventional U-Boat offerings with a titanium case body ensuring that in the case of an inevitable knock, the watch will be sure to come away relatively unscathed.

Other notable elements and characteristics are the left-sided crown system and a waterproof rating to 300 meters. The watch will release in a run of less that 999 pieces with a suggested retail price of $7,000 USD.

An extensive write-up can be read over at Professional Watches.

All pics & info via hypebeast

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