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Friday, October 9, 2009

Casio G-Shock - GW-9010MB MUDMAN | Man In Matte Black Edition

Thought not an authorized provider for Special Forces, Casio nevertheless took cues from these silent combatant with the G-Shock GW-9010MB MUDMAN - Man In Matte Black Edition. If there was ever a timepiece design that derived from a bank vault, the watch might be just the one. Resistant to shock, water, mud, dust, sand and etc…

The G-Shock GW-9010MB MUDMAN rubberized exterior casing gave it a “matte black” appearance. In place of the usual LCD display, an all-black display with contrast white numeral was introduced. The electroluminescent (EL) backlight was tuned to light out the scree discreetly.

There is no need in changing battery, the watch recharges via the Tough Solar system. There is no need to adjust the time as well. The Multi-Band 6 Atomic Clock Calibration means the MUDMAN will automatically calibrate according to atomic clock settings across 3 continents - North America, Europe, and Asia.

  • - Water Resistant - Up To 20 Atmospheric Bars
  • - Sand, Dust & Mud Resistant
  • - World Time - 48 International Cities
  • - EL Back Light
  • - “Multi-Band 6″ Atomic Clock Calibration - North America, Europe, and Asia - Automatically Calibrate Time
  • - “Tough Solar” - Solar Panel Power & Automatically Adjust Power Consumption
  • - Matte Black Finish

The Casio G-Shock GW-9010MB MUDMAN - Man In Matte Black Edition is now available at selected Casio G-Shock retailers, including FIEIL chapter of ZOZOTOWN shopping network.

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