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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Untrod: Watch Designs

Untrod is a project which collaborates with international designers on various project themes -
the first theme is 'watch'. Designers have been asked to investigate the possibility of bringing
new meanings to the conventional form of a watch. These are the initial design concepts,
so only renderings are available for some pieces.
sol by shin azumi

drawing on his love for the sun, shin azumi has designed a solar powered watch which
instead of disguising the solar cell technology, he has made it a design feature,
visible on the face of the watch.

analarm by industrial facility

this analog alarm watch by industrial facility takes its starting point from the alarm clock image.
here, sound is replaced by vibration (through the use of a small motor), which indicates that the alarm
is activated. simply by moving the hand to the desired time and lifting the alarm button,
the watch can be set and used for daily alerts.

ororon by fumie shibata

the strap of this watch has the face on one end and a loop on the other.
the loop is pulled over the face of the timepiece simply fastening it into place.detail of how the strap is designed to fasten around the face of the watch

skew by ross mcbride

a wrist watch is an extension of its wearer, but often the wearer is the one who adjusts his/her
movements to suit the watch. skew by ross mcbride allows you to adjust your watch's
digital display to your ideal viewing angle.

madokadoke by ross mcbride

this is a timepiece which exists without the utilitarian presence of a wrist watch.
the bracelet style design camouflages the buttons into the surface of the watch,
with digits only apparent when they need to be.

duo by ross mcbride

this dual time watch made from a hard metal casing with a soft silicone belt.
the date display mechanism within the crown along with the buttons which normally protrude
abruptly from a watch case, are concealed under a silicon flap.

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