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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

LUMINOX - 3051 Blackout Edition

With the advancement of night vision optics, armed forces around the world, especially operators within the special operation branches, have adopted a new military doctrine – whoever owns the night, wins the war. For this reason and the visually appealing aspect of it, timepiece maker LUMINOX designed the Blackout Edition.

A distant relative of the 3000 Original Navy SEAL Dive Series, the Blackout, coded as 3051 Edition, features the same carbon reinforced polymer casing, scratch resistant mineral glass face, and precise quartz crystal Swiss-movement. The difference is in the watch’s appearance, a “blackout” dial face, bezel and numerals; all makes it an exceptional design. Like all LUMINOX, the Blackout Edition includes the brand’s signature self-powered illumination technology along the hands and numerials.

The LUMINOX Blackout Edition is currently available at selected LUMINOX and fine watch dealers worldwide, including nano universe of Japan.

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