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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Project X Designs SS1 Rolex Submariner

Based on a Rolex Submariner LV, Project X Designs heavily modified it to be what amounts to an authentic homage to the esteemed Sub Ref 6538.( The 6538 is the model Sub that Sean Connery wore as James Bond, and one of the most sought after Rolex’s.)

The PXD SS1 honors the tradition of the 6538, while improving upon it .Utilizing the LV model gets you a maxi dial with larger than normal hour markers (great for a true tool watch). Project X Designs then shaved off the crown guards which is a defining feature of the 6538 Sub. The cyclops on the date was ditched and PXD’s green “X” logo was added to the dial. Lastly the bezel, green on LV Subs, was exchanged for a black one.

Only 24 were made......

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