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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Urwerk 103 Tarantula Mexican Fireleg Watch

Urwerk craftsman Martin Frei has claimed that his new Urwerk 103 is the most complete, most balanced watch the Swiss watchmaker has produced. The new Urwerk 103 Tarantula Mexican Fireleg Watch is the perfect balance of elegance and “technicity”, says Frei, a watch with intricate technical detail that helps comprise an elegant timekeeping experience.

The watch is inspired by the Mexican Fireleg tarantula, a beautiful-yet-horrifying creature with a black body and raised orange hairs. A glance at the new Urwerk 103 displays its spidery nature, with an orange-accented spinning central movement raised above a carbon plate. This watch completes the 7-year life span of the Urwerk 103 line, the final version of its production. Pricing will likely fall somewhere between an arm and a leg… 8 of them to be precise.

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