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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Vogard Radiator F1 Watch

New from one of the cooled indy active watch makers I know of is the Vogard Radiator F1. It takes the concept of the standard line of Vogard world time watches and gives it an F1 racing them. The "Radiator" part of the name comes from the skeletonized watch dial that looks like part of a car radiator. The cool watch allows you to adjust the timezone simply by turning the bezel. Open the latch located on the right side of the watch to unlock the bezel motion. The time changes easily without any loss in timing accuracy. There is of course also a 24 hour hand used as an AM/PM indicator - not sure if it is independently adjustable as a GMT hand.

The 43mm wide case is made from black steel and Titanium Carbide. The complex to make case is very hard and water resistant to 100 meters. Another part of the F1 theme are the replacement of the reference time city names on the bezel. They have been replaced by famous F1 tracks all over the world. The timepiece also makes it possible to indicate Daylight Saving Time (DST), when taking into consideration the differences between timezones. The movement is a Swiss automatic specially modified by Vogard. The watch is a difference style that the more conservative line of Vogard watches but is true to the brand's DNA. The watch is available with a number of straps, including a metal bracelet, rubber, or alligator (red or black).

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